How about a list of possible projects/goals you could do for Project(s)Connect 2014:
Yoga everyday for a month
Learn to play pickle ball
Try Zoomba
Take a pottery class
Fix up a guest room or accommodations
Hang up a towel rack already
Plan to train and run a race
Get fitted for a bra and buy one
Take daily vitamins
Keep a gratitude journal
Take a picture every day and display them
Organize photos and memorabilia
Plan 4 date nights
Read the Gospels
No sugar for a month
Try selling on eBay or KSL or Craigslist
Finish that one quilt or craft project
Keep chickens, goat or a pig
Read a classic
Plant an indoor herb garden and find a new recipe to use for one you grow
Teach a class at what you're good at
Volunteer at a shelter or storehouse
Pick, press and display wildflowers
Organize your recipes/ pantry/ spices/ closet/ storage room
Get on top of your monies and start a savings for a trip or new front door
Curate your closet and make concentrated clothing purchases for a month
Have a bad habit? give it up for something new
Finish a college semester
One new hike a week
1 hr of sun a day
Send out 100 thank you notes
Date each kid in one month
Learn a new language
4 new main dishes everyone will eat

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