Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I can't believe this is the last post! Thank you all for your amazing inspiration and for sharing your lives here. I still have to follow the tutorial (thanks for including that one Nora!), but I am getting better.  I really liked having a goal in mind every month.  I really do better when I have something specific to work toward.  This goal was no exception.  This last goal took me the whole year!  It was one I started January 1 and finished the afternoon of December 31.

 I flounder around a little when it comes to things that aren't laid out.  Budgets, menus, schedules; I like a plan.  Scripture reading is no exception.  If I don't have a plan/goal/schedule in mind or on paper, it just doesn't happen well.  I had finished the Book of Mormon with my relief society at the end of 2013 and was looking for a new scripture reading chart when I came across this one:

Hmm, Nora, how do I make this blog insert a pdf???

Here are some links instead:   (the one I first saw)

and  (which is probably even better because it has the chart and some nice visual explanation.

And a picture, just because I know how :)

The premise that caught my attention was this:  If I were to read 4 pages of the Bible and 2 pages of the other standard works each day, then I could finish the entire thing, the whole tamale, the complete standard works in one year.  No kidding!  I know!! 6 pages a day (like 10 minutes?) and I could read it all.

Of course it wasn't complete smooth sailing.  I got behind in June when I had a wedding and a graveyard job and it took me the rest of the summer to catch up.  In the fall, I liked Paul's books so much that I finished the New Testament early but got a little behind in the D&C.  But I finished the last of JSH on new year's eve and that was a pretty good sense of accomplishment.  Reading that amount and kind of just plowing through gave me a big picture idea of the scriptures as well as a better sense of where things fit historically (esp. for the Old Testament).  This year I changed tactics.  I use Gospel library on my phone and am going through the institute course on the New Testament.  It is great!  Depth, quotes, links to all of the scriptures, pictures, maps, etc.  I am only in Matthew 6, but it good for me to have something orderly to follow.

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Nora Mair said...

I'm so impressed, and what a year you've had! I just printed out the schedule and hit James up for a "read to each other before tv" proposition. Thanks for the inspiration.