Monday, January 5, 2015

Meg Lingard - Tiny baby blankets and hats

Oh boy... what month is it? January! So I haven't posted since September... 12 goals were about 5 too many for me I think :). But I did want to pop in here and share my last project, which was my October goal (again, hands covering my eyes).

My goal for October was to collect hats to donate to a cancer center for women who would be going through cancer this winter. This is something that I've really wanted to do since I found myself in that position five winters ago. However, as October came closer, I just wasn't feeling like this was the time for me to do it. I am a bit of an introvert and the thought of asking people to donate hats and such made me super anxious. I still want to do it sometime, but it just wasn't working out for me to even begin taking on a big project like that this year.

I was puzzling over what to do about this, still wanting to do something to help other people and maybe use my knitting skills... it's funny how when you have something in the forefront of your mind other things tend to fall into place. I went to check out a local yarn store one day since I had never been in there (Hemstitched Heirlooms in Bountiful) and there were these tiny hats all along the register, the smallest hats I'd ever seen. I asked the lady working there what these hats were for, and she told me about the charity project that they were doing for the year.

They were collecting tiny hats and blankets for babies that would pass away when they were born.

Babies that would be born so premature that they would not live. She told me that they now give out death certificates for babies born as early as 16 weeks because they can tell the gender by then. She said that these would be given to the hospitals in Davis County for parents to chose from for their little babies to be buried in. They were asking for hats and blankets to me made. One blanket for the baby to be wrapped in and one for the parents to keep as a memorial of their child.

I'm pretty sure that my heart burst wide open there as I listened to her talk about this project. I knew that I had to be a part of it. We lost our second son when he was born premature at 21 weeks and didn't have any chance of making it. I spent the week after I gave birth to him knitting a blanket that I could wrap him in. I was so grateful to have something to do to keep my hands busy during that week. It was the only thing that I ever made for my son.

(My tiny baby's burial clothes were a doll dress/sack that my mom made out of my wedding dress material and the blanket that I knit him). 

I brought the pattern home that they had there and had high hopes of making many sets of these. However, life got away from me and I only managed to get two sets done. I'm planning on making more and will possibly always have these going on the knitting needles because I feel like this is so important.

Such tiny little hats...

We bundled them together and took them over to the knitting store tonight. They were hard to make, as they brought back a lot of emotions of having a baby that tiny and having to plan on burial clothes for them. Knowing that the mother that will pick these out for her baby will be experiencing one of the most difficult times in her life breaks my heart. But I hope that she will know that she is loved, that she is not alone. That the reason this charity project exists is because other mothers have stood in her shoes and needed something tiny to wrap their precious baby in.

This was not the type of service project that I originally intended, but it ended up being the perfect project for me. I'm grateful to be able to give back to someone going through this type of situation. It's one that doesn't get talked about a lot publicly, but I feel there is such a need.

So with that, I guess I close my contribution to this page. I've loved reading all of your entries. Though I've never met most of you I've been greatly touched by your examples, your dedication to your families, and you quest for improvement and to live a good life. Thank you for letting me be a part of this Nora. 


Jennifer said...

Meg, your devotion to this project, and your words explaining it, touched me deeply. I am sorry for your own loss. What a gift of the heart to do something to help another mother. God bless you!

Susan said...

Meg, I just love that you did this project. It makes me wish that I knew how to knit. We also had a premature baby who died. (24 weeks) Sometimes I pull out the little knitted hat & dress that she worein the hospital and wrap it in the little blanket and just hold it, and remember her and that one moment when her earth experience and mine touched. I have whispered many prayers for the sweet angel who made those little tokens that are so dear to me. I'm sure you already know what a blessing you are giving to those families, but since I can't thank who made mine, I'll thank you instead. Good Work.

Becky said...

I am in tears as I read your post. We also lost a baby. He was born full term but only lived an hour. My oldest son Jackson, who was 18 at the time, had taken an art class in HS where he learned to crochet so during my last months of pregnancy (our baby had Trisomy 13 so we knew we wouldn't have him for long) Jackson crocheted him a little blue hat. It was sweet to witness my oldest put that little hat on my youngest. I am grateful we had time to prepare for death. So many moms don't get that time and your hats and blankets are a beautiful gift for these angel babies and their families.

Meg said...

Thank you Jennifer. I appreciate that! God bless you as well.

Meg said...

Oh Susan... that made me get all teary while riding down the freeway (I wasn't driving, just so you know). Thank you so much. I'm so sorry for your loss. These angel babies are so precious. I love how you said that her earth experience and your touched. You have given that spirit such an incredible gift, even just for a moment. Thank you for your kind words.

Meg said...

Becky, what a sweet thing for your son to do. I'm sure that is something he will never forget, a gift he was able to make and give to his little brother. I'm sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how that must have been knowing that you would not be able to have your son for long. So grateful for eternal families.

Dana said...

What an incredible thing to take part in. I'm inspired to learn how to knit so that I can give.

Nora Mair said...

Meg, I'm sorry I haven't commented until now. This project is super special. I think about the blanket, ring, dress and teddy bear that all were with Charlotte in the hospital--all donated by people who knew that that kind of thing happens--the charity and love is HUGE. Meg you are that charity and love in this project. Thanks for the example.