Friday, January 24, 2014

The schedule

Hello all!  I'll email this out but for a ready reference for everyone it'll have it's own tab at the top.  If I get fancy, a calendar would be nice with pictures of posters on each day of the month. 

Next up is lucky numbers!  Below is a calendar of what day your post will need to be ready.  It'll be your day for every month this year.  Since there are more than 31 participants some days will have two contributors.  Mylinda, since you're scheduled on the last day of the month and not all months have a 31st, will you post on the 30th with Nicholle?  What's the song?  Thirty days has September, April, June and .....I can never remember.  

I'm excited for February!  That's when the get to know you and project posting beings, and the biggest gamble of my very presumptuous idea will start.  Soon look for one last tab/email of a "how-to" post your project on the blog and a couple of guide lines to keep it organized.       

1  Nora Mair
2  Dana Robb
3  Jennifer Hatch 
4  Meg Lingard
5  Catherine Bunting & Julie Doherty
6  Sharon Thacker
7  Amber Smith
8  Nicole Barnett
9  Kass Tomany & Vanessa Sutton
10  Becky Beck
11  Stefanie Ackerson & Anne Halpenny
12  Meredith Duncan & Jade Linford
13  Donna Hawkins & Amy Anson
14  Jillian Lacy & Michelle Thurber
15  Bekah Johnson & Heather Colby
16  Kelly Olsen
17  Angie Workman & Amy Webb
18  Missy Ackerson 
19  Marisa Johnson
20  Andrea Hill & Melissa Buck
21  Holli Gunther
22  Jill Carey & Tricia Braunersrither
23  Amy Anson
24  Sharon Seifert & Annice Osmond
25  Cindy Jepson
26  Robyn Noel & Megan Allen 
27  Susan  Bub & Fitch
28  Marcy Muren & Christine Bennee
29  Erin Barbee
30  Nicholle Slocum 
31  Mylinda LeGrande

There just might be mistakes, spelling, forgetting things and what not.  Email what you see needs to be fixed.  Remember to also become an author for the blog.  If you didn't get a link in the last email with the invite or if it didn't work, let me know. 

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