Sunday, January 11, 2015

Stefanie Ackerson, December, Budget

Hello, everyone!  I can't believe it's been a whole year since we began this blog!  It has been a great year and I feel like I have accomplished so much!

My project for December was undecided at first.  I originally wanted to do something Christmas-y, but we did a lot of traveling up north to see family over the holidays and the month just seemed to slip by before I could come up with anything.  But my husband, Paul, and I have been working on updating our budget and making it all fancy for the coming year as our New Year's resolution, so I've decided to post on that!

Paul has put a lot more time and creativity into it than I have, so I have to give him most of the credit.  But here are some screen shots of what we've created:

First sheet (top) - income information.

First sheet (bottom) - this is where we decide how much money to set aside for each expense area, and then
record how much is spent and how much is remaining.

Example of detailed sheet outlining specific grocery expenses.

Paul figured out how to do buttons to take you to each
detailed page and then back to the home page.

Paul thought some of you might appreciate seeing how he programmed the code in
Visual Basic for the "Go Home" button.  Very fancy...and nerdy. :)
This shot shows how we color-code each month's expenses.
I helped pick the colors for each month. :)

The document is saved as an Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook.

And that's our project for December!  It's been a great 2014.  I'm so glad Nora invited me to be part of this blog.  I have enjoyed getting to know all of you through your blog entries and have learned so much.  Hope you all have a happy 2015!


Jennifer said...

Far more than I've ever done!

Nora Mair said...

This is so Paul, and a very impressive job I might add. You're definitely on the track to wealth. When James I were getting married, I was a little frustrated at his money worry. My mom gave me the best advice. "a man who worries about money, has money". I haven't forgotten it. Thanks for doing the project too, You amaze me.