Thursday, May 1, 2014

Have a Baby, April, Nora Mair

I was induced on a snowy Sunday, March 30th, knowing for sure that this would be the last time I could possibly carry a baby for 9 months, I really wanted to soak it all in.

 We showed up, chatted with the nurse,  
gowned, i-Ved, pitocined, epiduraled, and then waited. I really was trying to relish, but like all my inductions, it just seems to take a long time. But I had company with Robyn, photographing and this guy: 
He told me jokes because I asked for diversions, and the best one of the morning was this ditty:  
What do you call a short psysic who has escaped from prison?  A small, medium at large!
I guess you had to be there.  
  When I finally was dilated to a 10, I was elated, can you tell?   This was around 4:09--It took about 5 minutes to ready the room. Meet JoRay, my pregnant labor nurse and surprise, Becky, from my Ticklegrass neighborhood.  She assisted in the birth!
 Meet Dr. Lloyd.  He's delivered all my babies and he loves his job!
With a push and a half, baby's head was out.  Another 1/2 a push and Dr. Lloyd put baby right on my stomach. The nurses worked suctioning and apgaring, while I did the wiping, inspecting, and ooooing.  He was perfect!

 Introducing McKay Allen Mair.


He was born in March, but has taken up every last minute of my April--which is as it should.

James cut the cord.

 I really like delivering babies.
  If it weren't for the 9 months of pregnancy and the 18 year rearing commitment...
   I'd have a baby everyday. 
He was born at 4:14 pm, weighing 8lbs. 8oz, well, technically, 7.5 oz but we rounded up when Dr. Lloyd reminded us of the rule in grade school: "5 and above..."  
He measured 20 1/2 inches long.
Delivering a healthy, living baby is miraculous, euphoric, empowering, thrilling, joyful, happy, and life changing.

And really, it's all those things, because that new life and spirit is entering my life and joining my spirit.   

 I think he looks like all of my kids, a lot like James, and really, just like himself! 

So why a 6th child?

When Isaac (#5) was born, James' mom died a few days after, James was in the bishopric and his job was really stressful at the time.  I felt pushed to my limit and because of that, our family was perfect.  

Almost two years later, things had mellowed out, minus me being the YW president (nothing about that gig is mellow).  We talked about having another one.  "Why?" James asked, "Do you feel there's a spirit there that's supposed to be in our family?"  I answered no, only because I've never felt that.  I felt like we could "do" one more and still keep up, handle it, maintain the chaos, enjoy that new life...
In a joking sense, if asked why six I could say:  well I made it to 5 and I still had my health, sanity (debatable), and the support of my husband. The reality would be I made a choice.  I know many of you have had loss and hardship when it comes to growing a family.  My heart feels your grief and knowing loss, it really feels like I won the lottery.  Jackpot baby! 

This "project" was a bye for me really...I really didn't have a choice whether or not to "do" it. So I'm excited for this next month because I really want better photos.  This month I'll be taking a picture a day with my Canon Rebel. My goal is to some time soon, take the camera off auto and have shots that need little editing.  On hanging 50 things--I'm still at about 25--and totally unmotivated.  But the baby blessing will be June 1st and that might propel some action.  My family blog is going great--it's over run with pictures of Mckay!   

Also, all the shots above were taken by the amazing Robyn who is the real deal.  Facebook here.  Website here


Allison Winget said...

Amazing pictures! Congratulations!!!

Jennifer said...

What a amazing record. The photo of James looking at Mckay over your shoulder had me swooning. What a lucky little baby to have you as his mother.

Michelle said...

He is just a piece of heaven! Robyn, beautiful pictures!

Amber said...

Well said, Nora! I whole-heartedly agree with your sentiments about giving birth and pregnancy...."if it wasn't for the 9 months of pregnancy."
You are a great mother and an admirable woman! And McKay is pretty great too.

Jillian said...

He's beautiful! I agree about the delivery. It is so magical!! Too bad they are so much work :)

Amy Anson said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

Amy Anson said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

Dana said...

It's just beautiful. Beautiful baby. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful story. As always, very inspiring, Nora! (But not in the way of making me want another baby at this point!)

Meg said...

Oh my goodness!!! Those pictures are amazing! You look great Nora! What a sweet little boy. Too bad we can't trade, I'll do the 9 months of pregnancy and the child rearing and you can do the birthing ;). I'd be all over that! Congrats on your sweet little guy.

dandreah said...

Congratulations! I love your pictures and I love the name McKay! I'm all for the induction, epidural route. One of my doctors asked me if I wanted the "Princess Cruiseline" option or the "Pioneer Trek" option. Princess Cruiseline all the way:)

Nicole Barnett said...

Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing all the pictures--they are wonderful!